I started looking for common shapes and sizes and found them in the electronics and camera departments of most big discount stores. Then we made a similar bag designed to carry a pistol.. this is the "hide in plain sight" theory at work..

These small Nylon Holster
Bags can be worn on a belt
using a metal clip or webbing
belt loops.

The BeltBag Holster has the look of an ordinary fanny pack but carries a concealed hand gun in a hidden compartment in the back of the pack.. This fanny pack style concealment holster allows you to carry a pistol or other protection device like pepper spray when warm  weather dictates dressing in light cloths. A handgun carried in the Beltbag Holster can be drawn from the concealed carry position very quickly. You pull the front of the bag with one hand to open the gun compartment and draw with the other hand. With some practice the draw from the concealed carry pocket of the BeltBag Holster can be almost as fast as carrying concealed in a cross draw holster.  

A different shape to the BeltBag Holster

The HandiBag Holster can be used like a small purse and provides an easy way to keep a concealed pistol with you at all times. The HandiBag is large enough to carry many other items along with a handgun.

The subject of concealed carry can bring out a number of view points, and understanding  ours will help you understand the products we manufacture. We assume our customer is an off duty law enforcement officer or a private citizen with a CCW and their primary consideration is having a gun with them if they need it. A Fannypack Holster is just the thing if you want something close at hand but don't want, or need, to wear an inside the waistband holster, ankle holster, or shoulder holster all the time.
A fanny Pack Gun Holster for concealed Carry. Shown is a Smith & Wesson 9mm Model 6906 for a size reference.
animated draw from a KG Products Beltbag Holster.
KG Products Beltbag Holster trademark
Small nylon bag to carry a concealed handgun. this Gun Purse style bag can be used by men or women
BeltBag Holster to resemble a small camera bag or electronics carrier that will conceal a small hand gun
Pink concealed carry gun purse for Walther, H & K, Colt, Smith & Wesson

The HandiPurse is a concealed carry gun purse that is an evolution of the HandiBag Holster. These small
purses come in six colors and
provides an easy way to keep
a concealed pistol with you at
all times, and like the HandiBag,
The HandiPurse is completly
ambidextrous and large enough
to carry many other items along with your handgun.